How to care and maintain the gasoline weeder

Gasoline weeder is in need of regular maintenance, if not its efficiency will become lower, so how to maintain the gasoline weeder?

1. Be sure to clean the lawn of debris before using the mower, such as stones, tiles, wires, stakes, nozzles, steel pipes and other things.

2. Use unleaded gasoline above 90, never use leaded gasoline, mixed gasoline or polluted gasoline. Refueling should be outdoors, absolutely no smoking when refueling, absolutely no refueling when the engine is running.

3. New mowing and brushcutting machine must be broken in 2 ~ 3h before use, every 45 ~ 60min break-in, should be stopped 5 ~ 15min. after the break-in must be replaced, refill the new oil. Add oil do not exceed the upper limit marked by the dipstick, but definitely not below the lower limit.

4. Check the cartridge after each use, and clean or replace the paper cartridge and clean the sponge cartridge every 30h of work, and clean or replace it in advance when it is seriously polluted.

5. Every 45~60min of work, it should be stopped for 5~15min, and the engine and chassis should be cleaned after each use.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use in slopes larger than 25°.

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